BBNaija not showing on your GOTV? Here’s what to Do

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BBNaija not showing on your GOTV? Here’s what to Do

Is BBNaija not showing on your GOTV decoder? or perhaps your subscription expired and your favorite Big Brother Naija stopped showing after renewing your GOTV subscription. Well, here is the solution.

There are many possible reasons why the BBNaija channel may not show on your GOTV decoder. In order to avoid wasting your airtime to call the GOTV Customer care line, Let’s take a look at these reasons first and if none applies to you, we move to the ultimate solution:

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Big Brother Naija not showing on your GOTV? Here's what to Do


1. Expired GOTV subscription

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If your GOTV subscription has expired, you may be able to watch the BBNaija channel for just a few minutes before the system will slam the E-16 error on your screen. In this case, you need to quickly renew your subscription by using your preferred payment method.

If you are in this category, don’t disturb yourself – renew your subscription to restore viewing as the Big Brother Naija channel 29 is not for Free on GOTV.

2. Active Parental control settings

Sometimes, a member of the family or a friend may just decide to put a STOP on the BBNaija channel by simply Activating the Parental controls which will definitely affect the Channel 29 on your GOTV.

In order to be sure that Parental Controlshas not been activated on your GOTV decoder, you may want to press the White MENU button on your remote control then scroll to select “Parental Controls” and check if it is disabled or not.

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The default PIN is 1234, use the PIN to access the Parental Control settings and disable it.

If that section is disabled already, don’t worry – read on!

Fixed - BbNaija not showing on your GOTV

3. The BBNaija channel may not be in your current Package

The last reason why the BBNaija may fail to show on your decoder is when you subscribe to a GOTV package below GOTV Plus. By default, GOTV MAX and Plus are the two packages that allow for the viewing of Big Brother Naija.

If you have subscribed to other packages except the ones listed above, you may need to upgrade your Gotv subscription which I think is only possible after the expiration of the current subscription.

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Now that we know all the possible reasons why BBNaija channel may not show, let’s look at the ultimate solution to fixing it.


If you have an active GOTV subscription which is either GOTV Plus or MAX and you know there is no active Parental control settings on your decoder, Kindly call GOTV Customer care line on 012703232 to speak to one of their agents and get the BBNaija channel activated for you.

However, before calling the line, make sure you have your IUC number close by.

I hope this was helpful, got anything to add to this post? Tell us via comments.

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