How to Encrypt Your Messengers

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How to Encrypt Your Messengers

We all sometimes have to send this or that secret information by emails or text messages. Well, perhaps it’s not a secret one, but the one that is definitely not meant for the eyes of others. The most reliable way to protect it is encryption.

And the easiest way to encrypt messages in your correspondence in Skype, Viber, Facebook, and the cross-platform application called PGPTools.

The simplest example of using encryption is sending secure messages that contain important information. Let’s say you want to send your billing information, chatting with a friend via Facebook. Why do you need it?

The encrypted message is a messy set of characters that can be safely sent through social networks, Skype, Viber, Telegram, and any other instant messengers. Even if the intruders intercept it, without a special key, they will see just gibberish.

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How it works

PGPTools has just two tabs. In the first one, we enter or decrypt the text, and in the second, there is a list of available keys. One of the advantages of the application is the ability to not only import ready-made PGP keys but also create your own.

The principle of PGPTools is very simple but reliable. You need to type text in the application window (or paste it), come up with a password, and choose the key of the interlocutor your message will be encrypted with.

It remains only to copy your text in an already encrypted form and calmly send it to the addressee, who, in turn, opens it with the help of a key with which it was encrypted and reads the text (by entering a password if necessary).

You may ask: what is the point of encryption if, for decryption, it is necessary to transmit the key itself which can be intercepted along with the message?

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The whole thing is in PGP encryption technology, where two keys are needed to decrypt a message: public (the one that you transmit to the other party) and private (which only you have).

Even if hackers intercept an encrypted message and public key, it will just be random character sets. Even more, you can protect yourself by sending each message with a different key. Women at will not be like that.

You won’t have to keep information away from them; they are smart and loyal. No BS. Be sure to check them out!

Advantages and disadvantages

PGPTools is also convenient to use because the app is available on all popular platforms, including not only iOS and Mac but also Android, Windows Phone, and Windows. Regardless of the devices that your friends or colleagues use, you can safely send important personal information to them in any way convenient for you, be it email, SMS, social networks, instant messengers, and so on.

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If we talk about the disadvantages of PGPTools, then it is possible to call such an interface and functionality basic, but I would, in fact, refer to it as a plus. The app is simple and does its job perfectly. PGPTools is great and all, but be sure to keep track of all the IT-related news by visiting You won’t be disappointed.


The cost of PGPTools is small and cannot be compared to the features that the app provides. If you are looking for a reliable means to transfer sensitive data in an encrypted form without being tied to a specific platform and transmission channel, consider that you have already found it.

By the way, more detailed information and instructions on how to use PGPTools on various platforms can be found on the official website of the application:

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