Is It Advisable For Students To Study With Earpiece Or HeadSet?

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Is It Advisable For Students To Study With Earpiece Or HeadSet?


The question of whether it is good or bad to study with Earpiece/Headphone is that of Philosophical skepticism. We cannot totally agree that it is bad to study with headsets or totally agree that studying with earpiece is a good practice. However, read what I have to contribute below:

Just as our faces are different, so also our desires are not the same. Some students easily get distracted while studying. For this reason, they feel it is a big distraction to use headphone while studying.

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On the other hand, other students enjoy reading while playing music. They claim that listening to their favorite music while studying boosts their level of assimilation.

Now, I my little stay on planet earth, I have seen first class students who have never studied with earpiece or headset. They only study in quiet environments.

Funny enough, I have also met super intelligent first class students who don’t read without listening to music. They study while enjoying sounds from high quality headsets and earpiece.

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In conclusion: Reading with or without music is all about choice. If studying with headset works for you, stick to it. If it doesn’t work for you, run away from it. Just Tell yourself the truth and follow what gives you the desired results.

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The information below would also be helpful to you….

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Noise-Cancelling Headphones


  1. Noise cancelling headsets block most sounds
  2. You can easily adjust the music volume to your convenience
  3. The lower the volume, the better the user experience
  4. They are very helpful while you are travelling
  5. They are ideal for studying


  1. Noise cancelling headphones are very expensive
  2. High power usage
  3. Not all sounds are blocked
  4. Quality of sound while using Noise cancelling Headphones
  5. You won’t be too comfortable.
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